Replacement Windows

My Personal Experience With The Replacement Windows Quote Form

1.  I fill out form.

2.  Click "Submit"

3.  I pull up the free .pdf book and read it over.

4.  A few days later, a local replacement window company calls me.  I ask them a few basic questions, they answer them.  We set up a meeting time that is convenient for me.

5.  Salesguy shows up on time.  He looks perfectly normal, no claws or fangs.  He spends about one minute roughly measuring the windows.

6.  I tell him I'm not really in the mood for replacement window buying, and I just want something functional.  He's not put out by this and says no problem.  We sit down and look through a few pages of window brochures.  I say, "How about that."

7.  We talk about various window options.

8.  He writes up a quote on the spot.  He asks if I'm interested.

9.  I tell maybe but I need to think it over and talk to my wife.

10.  He says no problem.  Notice that he gives me no hard sell, nothing.

11.  We chew the fat about kids and weather for a few minutes.

12.  He's gone.  Took all of 15 minutes.

It was about the least scary experience on earth.  My 10-pound calico cat is scarier than that was.

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