Replacement Windows

It's all about respect.  You respect the fact that the replacement window salesperson is out to sell you windows.  Fine, understood.  But they also need to respect that you want to buy windows in a fair and easy manner.

Window Buyer's Bill of Rights

I.  You Have the Right to a Fair Price

Replacement windows are a highly competitive industry.  If you don't like the price, feel free to haggle or move onto another company.

II.  You Have the Right to Clear Information

Salespeople may cloud the big issues with gimmicks, charts, videos, and props.  Demand clear verbal or written information. 

III.  You Have the Right to a Convenient, Hassle-Free Pitch

Set an appointment time that is right for you, not them.  Clarify your time limit for the salesperson.  If you don't, they may take up your entire day.

IV.  You Have the Right Not to Be Cross-Sold

Many window companies try to sell you on other products--vinyl siding, gutters, fences, and doors.  While we understand that cross-selling is a valid marketing technique, you also do have the right to clarify that you are only interested in replacement windows and to expect that the window company will heed your request.

V.  You Have the Right to a Solid Estimate

This is not brain surgery.  These companies do this all the time and should be able to anticipate any "problems" they may encounter at the time of installation. 

VI.  You Have the Right to a Fast Installation

Full-house window installations can potentially take as little as two days.  Do not let the company extend installation over a weekend or holiday.  No windows should ever be boarded up in mid-installation.

VII.  You Have the Right to a Clean House

Installers must lay down drop-cloths both indoors and outdoors when removing old windows and installing new windows.  Installers must wipe off smudges from walls, trim, etc.  Installers must broom-clean each window area after removing the drop-cloth.

VIII.  You Have the Right to an Undamaged House

Compared to other home renovation projects, window replacement is smooth.  However, when the old windows are removed, there may be minor damage to the window sill, frame, and trim.  This damage should not be extensive.  In no case should the company have to remove any of these window components.