Replacement Windows

Don't know where to start?  Follow this step-by-step process for purchasing new windows and get through this with a minimum of fuss.

How to Buy Replacement Windows

1.  Locate Replacement Window Company and Prepare to Meet Salesperson

Search for dealers associated with the major window manufacturers; check the Yellow Pages for "Windows--Installation and Sales"; save junk mail ads.  Set up a time for the salesperson to come by your house.  Be firm and find a time perfect for you.  You have control over the window buying process.  They will conform to your schedule.

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2.  Negotiate with Window Company

Salesperson measures your windows and sits down with you for the pitch.  Avoid wasting time on their gimmicks, props, and charts.  Cut to the chase with our Buyer's Checklist.  Tell the salesperson you want a written estimate on the spot.  Understand that this estimate might change slightly later in the process.  The salesperson's estimate only gives you a ballpark figure.  If you like their offer, wait at least two weeks before calling them back.  During this two week period, they probably will have called you several times.  Contact other window companies during this time.   Even if you like their offer, haggle for more.  They may try to buy you off with insignificant options like free window grills.  Or they may try a non-monetary incentive such as promising to advance your wait time for installation.  No.  Hold off for hard, cold cash.  Propose shaving 5-10% off the price.  Or propose two free windows.  Be creative, but make sure it means that you pay less for your windows.

3.  Sign Contract to Have Windows Replaced

Initial or sign the estimate sheets that have been revised to your liking.  Send in check for a deposit on the windows.  This is only a portion of the price, not the total price.  Make certain the deposit is fully refundable if you back out.  Next you meet the real estimator.  Another estimator?  Didn't you already meet one?  No, this estimator precisely measures the windows and evaluates the window framework to make sure it can accept the replacement window.  Go through the window installation process. It will be 4-6 weeks minimum before your windows are ready to be installed.  Schedule two days off work to supervise the process.

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