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Replacement Windows 123 Privacy Policy

My Privacy Policy is better than anyone else's because I don't give a red rat's ass about your name, address, phone number, Social Security number, credit card number, bank account, or the name of your first-born son.

That's not my business.  I  run a website and currently I make money in two ways:  1.)  Contextual ads (Google AdSense); 2.)  Lead generation (you request a quote).

In both instances, I don't get any personal information about you.

Here is another way to tell it to you straight with no legal jargon or boilerplate.

  • I do not collect names.
  • I do not collect email addresses.
  • I do not collect physical addresses, Social Security numbers, your mother's maiden name, or anything private.

If you were to deposit private information with me, it would remain private--no selling, no bartering, no giving away.

But that's not the point because I do not collect any private information.

Now, keep in mind that we do provide links to other websites and to advertisers.  They may have their own privacy policies, and we urge you to read them.   

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