Replacement Windows

After dealing with the relatively more mundane issues like window glass and framing materials, now your inner architect can go wild.  Window styles truly create the look and feel of a room.

Replacement Window Styles


Its sash slides upward.  A classic window style, perfect for older homes or new homes that want that older look.

Horizontal Slider or Glider

Its sash slides sideways.  Typically cheaper than other window styles.

Picture Window

Fixed in place; does not open.  Allows for much larger glass area.  More weather resistant than other window styles.


Hinge is located on the side.  Window opens with a crank and opens like a book.


Hinged at top.  Opens outward but does not fully open.  Good for rooms that need only minimal breeze.  Effective at shielding open window from rain.

Bay or Bow

Windows that "bow" outward.  They either do not open or have limited openings.  Attractive from the exterior.  Bay windows appear to give off more light, though this is an illusion.

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