Replacement Windows

Utter the words "I love my vinyl replacement windows" and you're likely to get chuckles and derisive laughter.  But there is a reason vinyl replacement windows are highly popular.

NOTE:  I will add as an update (this is now 2011) that I bought a house a year ago with all-vinyl windows, top to bottom--WHOOSH!  Like some giant vinyl-window replacing hand swept through the house and vinyl-ized everything...and I really think they are mighty fine.  But that's just me.

Vinyl Replacement Windows Pros and Cons

Vinyl Replacement Windows - Pros

  • Cost.  Vinyl replacement windows are cheaper than wood and any other type of replacement window.  Hands down, vinyl will beat any other window when it comes to cost.
  • Non-Conductive.  In the winter, vinyl window frames slow down the transfer of cold into your nice, warm house.  In summer, vinyl window frames inhibit the movement of heat into your air-conditioned house.  It must be noted that wood has similar properties, too.  But stay away from aluminum, which easily transfers outside temperatures into your house.
  • No Painting Needed.  White vinyl replacement window frames never need painting.  Have you ever tried painting a window frame?  It's laborious, pain-staking work!
  • Longevity.  There is a saying in the vinyl siding industry:  "Vinyl is Final."  Well, the same saying is true for vinyl replacement windows.  Vinyl does not rot or deteriorate in the same way that wood does.

Vinyl Replacement Windows - Cons

  • Cannot Be Painted.  The flip side of vinyl's benefit "no painting needed."  Let's say you want to paint your windows.  Let's say you want a different color.  Or, more likely, you want a natural wood style in your house--which has become more popular in recent years.  With vinyl replacement windows, you're out of luck.  It's the same color--forever.

  • Looks Like Plastic.  Face it, no matter how much the replacement window manufacturers boast about vinyl's beauty and versatility, it's still plastic.  Even though manufacturing techniques are getting better, it still looks like plastic.

  • Lower Resale Value.  Wood windows have slightly better resale value than vinyl windows because they are more valued by home buyers. 


A Personal Note from the Owner of Replacement Windows 1-2-3

I shelled out big bucks for expensive wood-framed Pella windows.  I then spent countless weekend time that could have been spent with my new infant son--laboriously clear-coating these windows with Varathane.  I cannot count how many sponge brushes I used, how many cans of clear-coat, how many windows I did.  On top of it, I had waited too long to clear-coat the windows and there were finger smudges and dirt on them, so I had to sand them windows down.  A big pain!  In the end, I wished I'd bought vinyl replacement windows.  The natural wood finish was nice, but not nice enough to warrant the hours I spent on them.  Certainly, if you intend to paint your wood windows white, it's much better to just go for the vinyl replacement windows.  Just my two cents.

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