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Is There an Honest Replacement Window Company?

By the 1980s, Zen Windows founder Daniel Wolt was sick and tired of the replacement window game.  As recounted in this window company profile in About Home Renovations, Dan had a revelation while waiting in a boutique for a tailored suit, the rest of the retail world didn't always engage in such vicious tactics.

Vicious tactics, you say?  Have you ever set up an appointment with a replacement window company and had your entire Saturday afternoon blown away because the salesman refused to leave?  Have you ever been hit over the head with meaningless statistics, charts, graphs, and numbers, all meant to cajole you into buying windows you may not really want?  Has a window salesman ever set up his trusty miniature-sized window on his little magician's table and pointed out all of the unique "features" of his company's windows?

At that moment, Dan Wolt decided that he could operate a replacement window company along the same lines as other customer-friendly businesses.  He would set up appointments and would be timely.  He would keep the appointments short.  He would point out features of the windows but would not try to slam you over the head with statistics.  Sure, if they wanted numbers, he'd give them numbers.  But selling windows is not brain surgery.  It's a simple need that can be fulfilled in a simple manner.

Thus was born Zen Windows.

If you don't live in Ohio, at least check out Dan's website and use it as a model for how other window companies in your area should behave. 

You are a person and you require respect.  We also have a nifty little section on this site outlining your Bill of Rights as a window buyer

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