Replacement Windows

Replacement Window Buying Is No Fun and Never Will Be.  Can I Help?

Simplifying the Process of Buying New Windows

When you're not in the market for new replacement windows, it seems you're bombarded with junk mail, spam, and TV commercial pitches.  But  when you finally decide it's time to buy replacement windows, it's hard to know what to think.  This industry has fooled consumers for years.  Good news:  you are in control.  Why?  Because so many companies are competing for your business.

Your Window-Buying Rights

Think the window companies are in charge?  Think again.  You've done your homework.  You've researched window manufacturers.  You've completed your Window Buyer's Checklist.  Proudly wave your Window Buyer's Bill of Rights at those window companies and bring them to their knees.

Replacement Window Salesmen Are All Jerks

Of course they're not.  But a large percentage of them are simply intent on monopolizing your dinner time with a hardsell sales pitch.  Recently, though, I filled out this interest form because I needed two new replacement windows.  The guy came.  He was polite.  He told me about their replacement windows and wrote out a quote.  That was that.  Simple and easy, and the guy was a real human being.

What is the Replacement Process?

You've braved the salesperson, been through the agonizing buying process, picked out a window style, and put down a deposit.  Installers are coming tomorrow morning.  What can you expect when the replacement process gets underway?

Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum, or Fiberglass Windows?

You've settled on the type of window glass.  You've cleverly thwarted the salesperson's tricks and gimmicks.  Now--the salesperson hits you with another question:  what kind of window materials do you want?

"Replacement Windows Pay You Back in Cold, Hard Cash"  Huh?

Not exactly.  Sure, your new triple-paned windows will help you save money by reducing your energy bills.  Yada, yada.  But when you sell your house, the resale value of replacement windows is higher even than a high-end kitchen remodel.



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